17 Second Manifestation Technique,17 Second technique of Law of attraction, Rules 17 Second, 2020

17 Second Manifestation Technique,17 Second technique of Law of attraction, Top best technique, Rules 17 Second, 2020

17 Second Manifestation Technique,17 Second technique of Law of attraction, Rules 17 Second, 2020

17 Second Manifestation Technique,17 Second technique of Law of attraction, Rules 17 Second, 2020

just 17 seconds of pure thought is worth two thousand man-hours of work. 17 seconds is the ignition point of all manifestations. 17 seconds of focus is all you need.

17 seconds is the combustion the ignition point of all manifestation. if you hold a thought without distraction for 17 seconds. you set in motion that manifestation the purpose of this method is to get you thinking purely for 17 seconds to have that manifestation, that desire becomes stronger and stronger until you reach 68 seconds each fourth about 68 seconds get stronger than the last thereby creating a truly powerful manifestation and a point of a trash for this technique. I first want to remind you, guys a few very important points about the law of attraction.

➡️ first is that you get what you think about whether you want it or not what we think is what we become, what our lives become, what our experience becomes what our reality becomes.

➡️ number two is that your point of Attraction is where you are right now at this moment. whatever you are thinking now is setting in motion manifestations and attractions for your future. you're determining your future from this moment on this is your point of Attraction.

➡️  third is that your thoughts and emotions are vibrational and your vibrations are answered by the universe through the law of attraction.

➡️  fourth is that as your vibration expands and becomes more powerful.

the reason why I think that this method is so powerful is because it gives you a specific amount of time to focus on your desire. if you're able to do this even once a day for 68 seconds. then go about your day and let go that attachment to that desire then you are in perfect alignment. so many of you asked me, how do you let go while still visualizing which is a perfectly. that's a great question how do you let go of something that you're imagining and envisioning all the time. they're not letting go of that desire. you're letting go the attachment to the outcome of that desire.you know perfectly well that's going to come to you one way or the other and you let go of that tathra to the end results. letting go of that attachment gets rid of the desperate vibes. because when you give a desperate vibration, you are actually focusing on the lack of having what you desire. so this method is perfect for people. who have a hard time letting go at their desires.

17 Second Manifestation Technique,17 Second technique of Law of attraction, Rules 17 Second, 2020

so let's go through the 17 second rules in a simple step by step. you can do this in your head or out loud or with another person or even write it down the absolute key to this. however is for that 17th seconds and then the remaining 51 seconds that you do not contradict your desire or your thoughts that means, if you're asking for a certain thing. if you're focusing on money, you don't think to yourself, but no I don't have money or it might be hard to get money. you have to have pure thoughts, pure desire. so first you're going to set a timer for 17 seconds. I personally like to use the feeling of relief for this method. I'm here, because I'm meant to be here, what I'm doing matters, my work my life matters, I make myself feel relief and for me relief is a very high vibrational emotion. I tell myself that the universe has conspired to put me exactly, where I am right now and that everything in the end. if it's not okay, it's not the end put yourself into a really happy state.

 think of a happy memory, think of somebody or someone or a time that made you really happy, get into that headspace once, you feel really really good start the timer and start to focus on that one thing, that you really really want and have perfect pure desire do not contradict yourself for 17 seconds. so you're not feeling good, you're thinking about what it is that you desire. so it should be making if you think even better and you're not allowing yourself to ruin your own manifestations by doubting yourself. when your timer goes off, you're not going to set it for an additional 51 seconds. you're going to go back to that initial desire. that you were thinking about for the past 17 seconds still feeling great and  your timer goes off, that's it you've officially set in motion that manifestation and it is on, its way to  you must now, think the universe for bringing it to you and let it go. go take care of business, keep yourself busy. it's coming to you now. you've created a super powerful manifestation. that is on its way to you and that will come to you as long as you're focusing on other things.  wherever it is that you want, so you are able to take to distract yourself from the unwanted thing and put your attention back unto the one, two things. so just start over just keep going back to that desired thought until it, becomes second nature to be thinking the way. that you want your life to play out. it's not too difficult to change your pattern of vibration. especially when you understand that you can do it a little bit at a time, once you have an understanding, you have high vibration works, how it affects your experience and most importantly what your emotions are telling you about your vibration. you cannot make study fast progress toward achieving anything that you desire.

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