Act as If Technique of Law of Attraction, Top Best Act as If Technique of LAO, Super Act as If 2020.

Act as If Technique of Law of Attraction, Top Best Act as If Technique of LAO, Super Act as If Technique of Law of Attraction 2020.

Act as If Technique of Law of Attraction, Top Best Act as If Technique of LAO, Super Act as If  2020.

Act as If Technique of Law of Attraction, Top Best Act as If Technique of LAO, Super Act as If Technique of Law of Attraction 2020.

I am going to talk about very simple. but a very fascinating technique that you can use as a part of Law of Attraction procedure to make your dreams and desires come true in fact quite a lot of you had discussed and I thought, why not put forward this technique. so that you know how effective this technique is to really really really help you achieve your goals. so what are we waiting for...

let's start so guys I'm sure we all of us have had movements. when we go like oh my god I wish this was true for me. oh my god will this actually happened to me or just imagine. if this really happened to me. we all have these different imaginations dreams and desires and we really hope that you know somehow or the other someday it comes true for us. but do you know something the universe frames everything in such a way, that what you imagine is actually destined to happen with you only, what is supposed to happen with you in reality is what you are able to visualize is what you are able to imagine in your head. but then you would wonder that, if I'm imagining then why isn't it happening that's because you have not used the law of attraction technique, to actually pull it towards you to make it happen for you now.

what is it that I'm going to talk about a technique called the "act as if" technique. it's a very simple technique, but a very fascinating technique, that will take you one step closer to achieving your dreams and desires now. what is this act as its technique, it's basically fake it till you make it. which means pretend that you already have it and live your life that way. let's make it easier. there are three steps to it.

➡️ Writing.

  the first step is writing very true very obvious whatever you want like any incident, any even, any dream, any desire, any goal, whatever it is take a sheet of paper and write it down. but with clear details like if you're thinking about an incident or an event then where is it happening, how many people are there, who all are there with you. what are you wearing what time is a everything. everything with complete precise, clear details. you have to be very clear about it. write it on the sheet of paper now.

➡️ Read.

second step is read it and register it in your head, read it and register it in your head just read whatever you have written, out on the paper read it and then make sure that you have it in your head with clear details exactly. what you've written on you have it in your head. you know the whole thing whatever you have written that means you know what you want.

➡️ Living.

third step is living your like, that life like, that act as it just pretend that you already have. what you would and lead your life in that manner now. this might be like a very simple step.

but no it is a little difficult for you. if you're not convinced about, it say for example you want a million dollars and you look at this, this is what you have written, this is what your dream and desire is but then you can go like, I have imagined, but how can I lead my life. that way I don't have a million dollars, no my idea what is it that you have to do you imagine that you already have that money with you and accordingly you build habits of millionaire. you build the tricks and tips and tricks, that is required to lead that life. you know the way that you should be engaged, the ways you should be involved everything that you should do. if you really want to be a millionaire. the lifestyle that you have to leave discipline that you need in your life, do all of those pretend that you already have, this much money you already have it with you and therefore this lifestyle that you have to lead to maintain it now. when you keep doing this, you are definitely sending a vibration to the universe. 

Act as If Technique of Law of Attraction, Top Best Act as If Technique of LAO, Super Act as If  2020.

that okay you are ready, you know when you pretend as if you've already had it. the universe gets this message that okay that means, she or he who is pretending is ready is prepared to receive what I'm about to give. I am about to make her or his dreams come true and now is the time, because I can see that she or he is actually prepared for what I am going to give he or she. knows how to leave the like once he or she gets it. so you know how you're supposed to act even before you receive it. so universe will be very clear that, this is the time that I should give it to her or him. so you have to send this positive vibration and you can do it all by convincingly doing this step of acting as if. you already received it. yes I know it might be a little challenging initially, it might be a little difficult initially. but that's fine eventually when you keep practicing you will get the hang of it, do not panic, do not do not get anxious. if you're not able to do it, just stay calm be patient, read in and then practice it you know if you keep practicing, practicing it you will get. you will get the flow of it you will understand. how to go about it and do not quit this technique. keep practicing, keep doing it, keep maintaining it and keep believing in it. which is the most important element of law of attraction believe in what you're doing, believe that it will come true. so this is the act as if technique, very simple technique and very short technique, but led I would say different from the others that is leading your life as if ,you've already achieved your dreams and desires do it and do it with great with clear heart and with good intentions and you will not even realize. when the universe finds its appropriate time to definitely throw all of it that you want into your arms. so that's all I hope that you do apply this technique and I am sure the universe will definitely get it all for you whatever you want.

Thank You🙏Thank You🙏Thank You🙏

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