How to be Positive all Day, Remain Positive throughout the Day, Top Best Tips to be Positive 2020.

How to be Positive all Day, Remain Positive throughout the Day, Be Positive, Top Best Tips to be Positive 2020.

How to be Positive all Day, Remain Positive throughout the Day, Be Positive, Top Best Tips to be Positive 2020.

today I'm going to talk about a subject where which you know people ask me very frequently, which is how to remain positive throughout the day or throughout the week or always have a positive attitude and a positive mind. but it's very interesting that to know, that you cannot be positive all the time. you know we are human being, so we are bound to feel all kinds of emotions. we are bound to be sad. we are bound to be happy. we are bound to be angry. so all these emotions will come to you every single day. if even, if not every single day, some time or some part of the day or the week and you're bound to go into that phase of you know not knowing what to do or you don't even know sometimes. why you're having those kind of feelings, having the feeling of anxiety, unnecessarily just remembering something from the past or or anything and you get sad or you go into that zone, where you think that life is not going right or if you know or you don't know what are you going to do or you have no clue and trust me, it's perfectly all right to feel that way, that's very very very normal and you are bound to feel that way at some point of the time.

 but the main thing to remember is that, how are you coping up with that situation. the main thing to remember is that feel it realize it and move on from that moment. so the only way to be positive is to accept your feelings. you know most of the time I have seen most of the time by people do not heal themselves, because they are always trying to avoid things, you know whenever you are sad or whenever you know, you are unhappy or you have anger or depression or any kind of thing people ask you to let it go. avoid it you know  just do something else just divert to your mind, that's absolutely not the right way to deal with it. because unless you accept something that feeling will always keep overpowering you. you know if you keep suppressing all your feelings inside. that'd be anger or sadness or whatever it is there would be a time. when that would blow up in a way. where you wouldn't even know that all these feelings were there. they're inside you. so the best way to remain positive is to accept whatever you are feeling at that point of time. 

you know whenever you have an anxiety or some kind of feeling realize that you are feeling it and allow yourself to feel it. but more importantly realize why are you feeling that the root cause of all the feelings. needs to be analyzed always. you know whenever you try sit down and think about it you will find the answer that, why are you feeling and feeling it and what is the solution that you can do your or you know that you can come up with which will help you overcome all these feelings. so once you realize that you know once you accept something that scenario loses the power to overpower you. you know when you try to avoid something that is always something which comes back to you. because you're trying to avoid it. but the moment you accept something in your life. that loses its potential power to overpower you. so accept the feeling whatever you are trying to feel at the moment. if you're sad, go if you want to lock yourself in a room, cry your heart out, eat a tub of ice cream or order food. because that's what I feel like,  I'm unhappy or when I from depressed, I usually feel like eating a lot of food, so I do that but then once you realize, once you have accepted. when once you realize the root cause of why are you going through that situation. why are you feeling it and the answer will automatically come to you. that what you need to do and once that answer is clear to you. you will automatically start feeling good about yourself. because you know that what you need to target in your life in order to make your life better and from that is the moment your positivity starts. so that is the moment, when you  know, you have solution to the questions or the answers. that is a moment which changes the entire concept of positivity. 

you know that what to do, you know what is right, you know what you have to do to change the situation and you start doing it and automatically you will let go of whatever was causing that depression or or anxiety or whatever you want to call it. so the only way to stay positive is always be aware of your thoughts, your feelings and accept them. except why are they causing or why are they coming from, where are they coming from and then always try to sit down for a moment with yourself. analyze the feeling, understand the feeling, accept the feeling and it will give it a solution. also that what you need to do to overcome that and once you have the solution just go ahead do it. you will get back to your own positive self and you will emerge as a much more you know vibrant and positive person. because self-realization is the only key to leading a positive and healthy life. when you start realizing things by your own self. you know that is the moment, it's a game-changer that is the moment your life starts changing. your every damn thing changes around you.

so I hope you guys have a great day and a great week ahead.

Thank You🙏Thank You🙏 Thank You🙏

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