Human Resource Management, concept of HRM, Important of HRM, What is HRM, Meaning of HRM 2020

Human Resource Management, concept of HRM, Important of HRM, What is HRM, Meaning of HRM 2020

Human Resource Management, concept of HRM, Important of HRM, What is HRM, Meaning of HRM 2020

Human Resource Management, concept of HRM, Important of HRM, What is HRM, Meaning of HRM 2020

today we are going to discuss about human resource management. human resource management is the vast structure like our equipment raiding a turbine like, we've success are they, I am going to hand it in different points in this train. different points where as you can able to manage the whole human reduces work process. the points are it's a tiny recruitment, selection, training and Development, performance appraisal, compensation reward, employed labor relation and legal considerations.

➡️ 1. Human Resource Planing.

  first entry process in human resource planning. we will plant about the manpower planning for future. for an example if you have been walking this is shown target for the next month is 50 cars. what do you think is each and every employee cancel five cars currently now, only for my Sunday. so how many cars they can able to sell what he 20 car, so each employee ficar swings for a price 20 cars. but company's target is 50 cars. so what I am going to do is I'm going to plant my manpower. I need six more in price, if I took six more implies means I can able to sell additional 30 cars. so I can able to achieve the company stuck in this is how we have to come planning will differentiate according to the center is like a IT sector manufacturing center and maybe service sectors are there. sector wise planning will get differ, but the main purpose of HR planning is to plan your man. according to your future projects and everything.

➡️ 2. Recruitment & Selection.

next thing is recruitment and selection in a simple term of a different selection is record Mendes. we are inviting the candidate to operate for the job for an example I am having four different openings. whatever do was argue advertisements through internal or external source and I will make the candidates to operate for this particular job for this four openings. I will invite the maximum condition. so that I will get the option to choose their candidates. how I will do the record matter. record one you can do it in internal as well as an external. there are various equipment process are they I will have only few record process. which are more familiar in the industry. first thing is internal recruitment in the interval recruitment. they would go for employ referral.

selection process means points are there like written taste 1/2 1/2 to dislike various other kinds are there. so that we can be able to shortest a particular frame to candidates and we can find as good one to one session. this is how selection process will be goes on in. so in selection process candidates would be there with the help of interview. we were trimming the best candidates and they would select them. that's of the selection process will get completed after such a process.

Human Resource Management, concept of HRM, Important of HRM, What is HRM, Meaning of HRM 2020

➡️ 3. Training & Development.

training and development activity will be there. what do you mean big change it happen. it's very simple training is we are giving it to the freshest for an example I am just recruiting for myself sure your fresh degree graduate. so whatever do works I will give them the training then what are the things, you have to promote to serve your product each and everything I will give the training, after the training the employee is more eligible to take up and he can be able to do his job in a better way. training is very simple so we are giving it for fresher or is a fresh kind of job. we are giving to the employees down upon us. quite simple is working for two to three years and he is very much eligible to get his promotion. means I will give a damper training I'm working as employee I am working for three years now. it's my turn that they have to elevate me to it team leader. then I am eligible to take up the job of training. double training is management nothing ok you are eligible for this development training. because you are going to elevate yourself as a team leader. you are going to manage a few more employees and you are going to fix that target and as in everything. so all these kinds and darwan process training will be there you have to take up them.

➡️ 4. Performance Appraisal.

next thing is performance appraisal if noise started to do their work. so this is the time to appraise their work. that so performance appraisal will be working it's a detail to topic. simple term in this performance appraisal I will assign a particular employees performance for the past six months having done each and everything. I have seen in a proper criteria and I would up rise in salary as well as a designation or anything like that as soon as I would give them. the training if their performance is not good.

➡️ 5. Compensation.

next thing is compensation draw on salary bonus world images all these kinds comes under. the compensation reward very simple most of the companies are giving this to increase their particular price. company is giving the reward to increase that particular employee as well as they are motivating other employees. if you also done this you will be also getting this. so we are motivating other employees.

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