Selection Process of Human Resources, Process of Selection, 2020.

Selection Process of Human Resources, Process of Selection, 2020.

Selection Process of Human Resources, Process of Selection, 2020.

Selection Process of Human Resources, Process of Selection, 2020.

1. Job Posting.

this allows for you to apply recruitment methods. that's likely the kind of candidates you'll attract.

2. Application Review.

candidates will complete an application for each position and resumes and cover letters. optional in this process all applicants must be reviewed and considered for that particular position as the term sounds application review is the process of reviewing job, application forms, resumes and various other forms of applicant materials.

3. Interview.

employee selection normally done and face to face meetings an interview involves asking a job applicant questions to determine whether the applicant is suitable for the position of employment. the applicant is asked I believe your interview needs to be planned patterned interviews are planned and structured to ensure consistency among candidate experience and interview results the following is a recommended type of patterned interview of which there are many best practice suggests that an interview should be structured or patterned this pattern interview includes an opening and  questions to confirm the applicant's education and experience and ease the individual into the interview conversation next self evaluation questions, have the applicant self evaluate or self reflect on their knowledge, ability and skill levels, then the most important component behaviorally based questions ask behavioral or competency based questions, that focus on relating past job performance to probable future on-the-job behavior.

4. Selection Test.

the test measures one or more characteristics that are important to the job employers typically use selection tests to accomplish two primary objectives eliciting and applicants undesirable traits and identifying the characteristics that most closely match the qualities required for the job. selection tests must be both reliable and valid reliability refers to how dependable or consistent. the test measures are characteristic. who repeats the test is said to have reliability really. we're asking ourselves the question are the results dependable think of reliability like a dependable or reliable automobile validity is the extent to which a selection method measures. what it's supposed to measure and how well it does, so an accounting test should measure accounting knowledge and skills. so a question we ask ourselves here is are we measuring what we intend to measure.

5. Reference Checks.

reference checks are uniquely the part of a selection process that involves people other than the candidate. since past performance is often the best indicator of future on-the-job behavior, references allow you to talk to others to determine. if the applicant is suited for the role the primary purpose of a reference. check is to first verify information provided by the applicant throughout the selection process. second establish job suitability and third gain greater insights into individual candidates skills, knowledge and abilities. what we call competencies from someone who's actually observed. the candidate some employers mistakenly believe that, it's unlawful to ask for references, that's simply not true others fear that reference checking is a waste of time. because former employers won't reveal a candidate's weaknesses or speak openly about an individual's performance to avoid these pitfalls. employers should implement a clear policy, clearly communicate with everyone involved in reference checking and standardized job related reference check practices, both on the giving and the receiving end this brings us.

6. Conditional Offer.

as you know candidate communication is critical. so at this point in time in the selection process. a written conditional offer is a great practice this written offer would follow up a verbal offer, which would set expectations for the new employee and clarify any matters that were discussed through the selection process. I suggest that you use a template to standardize and ensure consistency of your organization's communication in the conditional offer process. this conditional offer provides the opportunity to conduct job-related and necessary background check procedures to close out our selection process and that's what leads us.

7. Background Checks.

background checks explore the aspects of an individual's background content of these checks should relate to specific job requirements use an outside and reputable vendor to conduct your background checks employers implementing the use of backgrounds must comply with federal laws.

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