Expectation Less, Acceptance more, Always Less Exepect and Always Accept More 2020.

Expectation Less, Acceptance more, Always Less Expect and Always Accept More 2020.

Expectation Less, Acceptance more, Always Less Expect and Always Accept More 2020.

Today i'm going to Talk about a Beautiful topic secret of joyful Life. how can we have a joyful, a pleasant, a lovely life. one secret, just one secret with two words. if you focus on you know doing these two words in your life. i think your life is going to be joyful. "Accept everything what's happening around you, Expect less". accept everything around you, as it is as they are accept yourself, as you are be content with the way you are be content with the things around you. expect less now, how to do that or how these two words are actually making your, you know when you don't follow these two things. how it's making your life difficult, see we are not happy with ourselves. we are trying to show others, we are something else, we are keeping on trying to change everyone around us. so that we feel. if they become better, we will feel better. if someone loved me so much, i will feel better. we are working on our own insecurities, focusing on our insecurities, focusing on our problems, but if you accept yourself as you are, your color, the way you are your tone, your style, completely with all your weakness and goodness every human being have their own weakness and also their own positive points. but only when you accept your weakness, you can focus on your positive points. 

so accept yourself as you are. when you accept you as you are. you will stop criticizing others. you will stop trying to change others. because we will have a bigger mindset to accept people around you as they are. you're not keeping on you know when you try to keep on change things around you. what happens is it makes your life more difficult, of course. you can you know try to make a difference, you can improve yourself, you can transform yourself, you can gain more knowledge, do something amazing in your life. but if things does not have apps happen the way you want accept it. when you accept it. you will have a peaceful life. stress comes when you are not able to accept things as it is and expect less. we are expecting so much from the world around us. expect less of course, when you have a beautiful dream work for it. but when things does not happen expect less. if you are able to follow these two points in your life. your life is going to be just beautiful and you will be able to have a beautiful smile always. because when we try to change the things that, we cannot change your life becomes difficult. 

so when you accept yourself as you are. you can actually focus on things what you can do. which you can make a difference. which you can you know work for it or a real beauty of, who you are. you can focus on it and you know grow and evolve as a better person. so to have a joyful life. you need to expect less from the world around you and accept more about the world as it is. if you are able to do that, you will always have a beautiful time. a beautiful smile on your face, see one thing, if you say, if you just see in this corona days or go with days. what happened is a lot of things have changed right. when you are able to accept the things, what's going around you, asset is you will feel much peaceful, there are a lot of my friends who are struggling, who are not able to you know accept things as it is.  business is changing everything is happening to me and them. difficult points will come, but still you know see i also face difficulty. you also face difficulty. but what i do is, i don't sit on the difficult point. but i try to focus on something beautiful and try to make a change. so if you just try to focus on something beautiful and focus on something beautiful amazing and access things, what's you know the changes.

 that's happening around you as it is your life is going to be much happier and much beautiful. focus on yourself, accept yourself as the way you are and focus on something amazing that you can do in this world and make others life, also beautiful rather than trying to change others and to try to make your life beautiful. always the best person that you can work on is yourself. when you work on yourself, the world around you will also transform by itself.

Thank You Thank You Thank You ❤️❤️.

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