How to achieve Happiness in Life, Key to Happiness, Top best tips to be Happiness, Always be Happy 2020.

How to achieve Happiness in Life, Key to Happiness, Top best tips to be Happiness, Always be Happy 2020.

How to achieve Happiness in Life, Key to Happiness, Top best tips to be Happiness, Always be Happy 2020.

How to achieve Happiness in Life, Key to Happiness, Top best tips to be Happiness, Always be Happy 2020.

let's talk about the most simple and the most important factor for all our existence and that is happiness. what is happiness and how to achieve happiness in life, very simple short sweet term right. but most of us are struggling actually in everyday life to find that one simple thing. which is happiness and which is the basis of every existence in this world. so you know before I go into what it is or you know how you can achieve happiness by using the law of attraction or anything like that.

let me just tell you a short story. you know which I was told when I started my journey with the law of attraction and this is something which has always made the deepest impact on me. you know and that this is one lesson which I always carry with myself and I think this is one of the greatest teaching that I have had during my struggle days and during my journey of flow of Attraction. so I was told the story and I'm sure most of you would have heard it. but I'll still keep it away short and simple one that when God created mankind, when God created universe, when God created man, he said I four he asked his three angels that this is happiness and this is actually the key to every human existence in this world. where do you think, we should hide it, so that people look for it, but they don't find it easily. so one of the Angels said that you know hide it on top of the highest mountain. it people will not be able to find it. but the other people other angels said that you know with technology and with my kind advancing in the due course of time. they will someday climb the highest mountain and find it easy, the other person said that hide it in the deepest ocean and the same thing the other angels said that you know that don't do that, because the technology and again everything people will find it easily. the third angel said that hided within the human being itself. because that is the last place anybody will look for happiness and that is the, you know most important lesson to learn in life is actually that happiness is no where else other than within your own self.

so if you truly wanted to be happy look deep down within yourself and you will find it and I am Telling You this from my own. you know circumstances and own experience of life. I have always failed. when I have tried to look for happiness outside of me. but the moment I started diving deep within me. that was the time I found the greatest joy, the greatest thing that was happiness and now actually I am so self contained that, I am happy with my own self and that is the most important words, that you should be able to say that I am most happy with my own self. because when you start being happy and happy within with your own self. that is the time when manifestations, when law of attraction, when everything starts aligning and starts working like magic in your life. I'll tell you something you know, why relationships most of you struggle with your relationships with your job, with everything in your life. if you're struggling. this is the only reason why you're struggling, that's because you have put that responsibility of happiness of giving you happiness to us. external factor either you are in a relationship with your partner or you have your husband, your wife,  you know whoever that is your parents, your brother, your sister, your your daughter, son, anybody any kind of relationship, the moment you put that responsibility in the other person's hand, that you are supposed to make me happy.

that's a moment you are giving your power to someone else and trust me, there is nobody in this world and I really mean nobody doesn't matter even if it's your parents, even if they are your daughters son, even if it's your own husband, your spouse, your wife, nobody can make you happy in this world. if you cannot make yourself happy, because you are the only person in this world who knows the best for yourself. who knows what you truly want nobody else can know, that doesn't matter even if it's a blood relationship, it's a mother daughter, it's a mother son, it's a father daughter, doesn't matter you are the only person who's responsible for your own happiness. so when the moment you are putting that responsibility into an external factor and saying that now. this person is supposed to make me happy. you are giving away a power of your own self. the greatest bubble to someone else and that's the time 90% of the time, most of the people are miserable in relationships, why do you need an external factor to make you happy.

so I'll give you a very simple example you know say for instance if you are single. okay, if you're single and you enjoy being with yourself. you know like I really do enjoy being with myself  during this quarantine period. I actually enjoy myself isolation. because I love my own company of course I won't say I miss you. know having a talking to someone or having a partner that's going to be there. but it doesn't mean that it consumes me completely. I'm happy being  with myself. okay so I go out, I  watch movies, I I eat a good meal in a restaurant that I want to now. when a person or when a partner walks into your life, the only role that person should play is to enhance every bit of that happiness say for instance,  you're still enjoying that movie, you're still enjoying that popcorn that cold drink. but when you have someone to talk to that is just enhancement of the happiness nobody is fulfilling it for you. but they are enhancing it for you. so when you start enjoying your own self. when you start looking for happiness within your own, when any other person enters your life, they are just going to enhance every bit of your happiness, every bit of your existence and that is when relationships becomes fulfilling that is when you start enjoying each other's company and that is when you are truly happy and satisfied with your partners. but the moment you place that responsibility into someone else's hand that now. I am your partner or I am your mother, I'm your daughter, I'm your son, I am your wife, I'm your husband and so you are now supposed to do everything to make me happy, trust me, it's not going to work that way, it's never gonna work that way, it doesn't matter who the person is or how they're related to you, it's nobody's job to make you happy. this is the harsh truth of life. you have to accept the fact that nobody can make you happy other than you own self.

so start focusing, start diving deep down within you and understand what it is that makes you happy. find out that spark that reason what makes you happy and then start working towards, it's towards that and you will realize that the moment you start feeling happiness within your own self. everything around you will start falling in place, because people will start enjoying your own company now. people would be able to associate now, you know I'll tell you something nobody likes responsibilities right, you know at after a point of time, we start seeing responsibility as a burden. we are, we have this mindset that oh my god it's my responsibility to do that. so even maybe somebody might enjoy doing it for a first couple of months, years or even for weeks. but after a point of time a person is going to give up. if they realize that oh my god it's become like a job for me to take care to you know continuously think about what's going to make another person happy,  that's a very unhealthy thing to do to yourself and to the other person.

 so relationships get spoiled when actually you put that responsibility of happiness to anybody else other than your own self. but when you start deep diving within your own self and find that reason what actually makes you happy and do it with all your heart and you will see when you're happy with your own self. people around you will start being happy with you and your relationships. you know your terms the way they are whatever you're trying to manifest in your life. you are going to start attracting more, because you are more aligned with the universe. then you are happy, you are giving out happy feelings and as I say that we get back, what we are vibrating to the universe. so if you're vibrating a positive nice amazing feeling to the world. the universe is going to give you that same thing back right. so start working on yourself, find out the reason that makes you happy, do not give the biggest power of your that is your happiness to anybody else it doesn't matter, who the person is start taking charge of your own life, start taking responsibilities for your own life. it's very easy to blame anybody else for any circumstances that arises. but you know learn to take responsibility for everything that is happening in your life. because trust me nobody has the power to do anything to you unless you allow them to do something to you. if you are letting somebody break your peace of mind, it's only because you have given that power to them. if you have not then, it's in your hand nobody can do anything to you.

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