How to Find the Purpose of Your Life, What is Life Purpose, Purpose of Life, Best Tips to Find Purpose 2020

How to Find the Purpose of Your Life, What is Life Purpose, Purpose of Life, Top Best Tips to Find Purpose 2020

How to Find the Purpose of Your Life, What is Life Purpose, Purpose of Life, Top Best Tips to Find Purpose 2020

today I'm going to speak about a beautiful topic, how to find the purpose of your life. what is the life's purpose. I really get this question so many times see and I also think about this word purpose a lot and your life purpose is something different, you can set a goal. but a life purpose is something that is more of evolving and coming. so if you want to become an engineer, doctor, okay you study at the age of you know 20s or you go to college, get a degree and that becomes your life purpose. some people work with passion with love. but the real life purpose actually evolves and comes from within. it is not something I can tell you that, your life purpose is does everyone have a different life purpose. some people realize it in a very young age, but some people realize it in a very older age. but when you realize it. you can definitely understand, this is my life purpose, this is what I'm supposed to do and you can do it there will be no confusion. so some people tell me, I understood my life purpose. but I am actually confused, how to go about it. if you have realised your life purpose, there is no confusion about it. it just takes you to that way, but to realize your life purpose to understand your life purpose. there are few things that you can actually practice.

which will help you number one accept yourself. as who you are don't try to become someone else, don't compare yourself with someone else, because that's actually you know stopping yourself becoming the beautiful soul, that god have made you special and wonderful. so just love yourself, the way you are, you have lot of weakness. you have lot of problems. we make mistakes, because we are human beings. we are not perfect, some people tell me like when I put some posts in my social media, some people really didn't expect this from you.  this is not the way, we are expecting you to speak. see I am a human being and that's how I am right, what I feel right may not be what you feel right, you are just seeing 10 percentage of me through the social media. but  I really want to be myself. I don't want to impress anyone being someone else,  I exactly know how people get impressed, I exactly know you, know how can I make you feel good about me. but I want to be real that makes me much much happier and feel much integrity from inside, rather than you know feeling, you know a good word, see there was a one time in my life. 

when I take took a huge decision, I mean big decision. so at that point everyone was asking me to do something and in my mind. I had a very very different decision to do so. everyone asked me to do something and if I did that, I would be a good, a wonderful Man, obedient man, nice Man all those compliments will get. so I was like almost, I will do that because everyone wanted me to do that. that will make the world happy. but that day when I was going to sleep a question came inside me. if I do that world is going to tell. I am a good soul, I'm a good Man, I'm a very nice Person. but deep inside me, I will be guilty for not becoming myself, should my heart say that I am good, should me and God have that conversation and I should feel God loves me for the way, I am or should I make the world tell, I am good. my answer was very for what correct. I should do what I feel right and I went through that and I was okay, I was happy, there was difficulties around me. but people took time to accept. but that's fine, world will accept you. because as far as you are not well purposefully, harming anything be yourself, be genuine, that will help you to find your purpose much faster.

second point is first earnest accept yourself for who you are see this is not. you know one day, you can sit and I accept myself, no you need to understand realized talk to yourself with all the wrongs and goods in you. you have to just accept yourself for who you are second thing is practice meditation are being spiritual, that actually silence. the world around you and you can see what's happening inside, you really your soul wants to talk to you or see what your soul really needs and it's always you know the other energy. happy energy is when we give most of the world. when we can actually be yourself and give more to the world, not just to make others. you should not give. but from your soul there is something unique, there is something special, that you can give to the world and that's going to make you feel really good. if you get reward or if you don't get you reward. you don't feel bad, that is actually where you you realize, what's your life purpose,  I think my life purpose what I have realized, this when I spread beautiful message to the world around me. I really feel amazing, see I was a person who was scared to write. who was scared to speak, who was scared to read in front of public. because I know, I make mistakes, I still make grammatical mistakes even when I speak, even when I write. but I'm not afraid, because I believe in the message, what I see. so when I wrote my book also, I was not really sure will people read. but there was something that inside me, says just go forward. you can do it, so always always believe in your life purpose and go forward you can actually find it from inside you .

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You 🙏 

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