How to Lose Weight using the Law Of Attraction, Weight Lose Fast, Top best Tips 2020

How to Lose Weight using the Law Of Attraction, Weight Lose Fast, Top best Tips to Lose Weight using Law Of Attraction 2020

How to Lose Weight using the Law Of Attraction, Weight Lose Fast, Top best Tips to Lose Weight using Law Of Attraction 2020

I don't say that men are not struggling with Weight. but it's us, woman we are never happy with our weight. you always want to get rid of that extra fat from some part of our body either it will be a lot of weight or that weight from our thighs, from our ABS, from our arms, something or the other you're never content, women are more guilty than men in this department. so whether you're a man or a woman.

Step 1. Be Very Clear.

Be very clear about your desired, Weight don't just say I want to lose Weight or I want to lose a few kilos, I want to become thin. this is not going to help, give your mind clear instructions about a desired weight. how much do you want to weigh 55 kilos, 60 kilos. so frame a statement. I want to weigh 55 kilos and also give it a time within two months. orbit in three months. whatever is your desired time. when you are specific about your instructions. when you give your mind specific instructions, you will get specific results. so step one is clarity. it is always step one you always have to be clear about your goals. so think about your desired goal. how much do you want to weigh. but it's about how much you want to be, because if you're focusing on that five kilos, that you're wanting to lose. you will see that within two months, they have gained five more kilos. because you are focusing on five more kilos. you're focusing on five kilos. so you have gained five more kilos. so focus on the desired weight. see yourself on the weighing scale weighing 50 kilos or 55 kilos, see yourself weighing the desired number. so that is step one be very very clear.

Step 2. To Bless Your Food.

which has personally helped me a lot is to bless your food, before you put anything in your mouth. send some love to whatever you are going to eat. because when you send out that positive energy that loving energy. you are taking it into your body and your body is water and every food has water in it and water holds memory. so when the memory has love in it there is love in your body. so you're sending a lot of love to yourself. so bless your food every time. you sit to eat anything blessing, my food has helped me a lot. it helps develop a good relationship with food. don't be scared of food, never be scared of food. if you couldn't stop your temptation to eat that brownie and you had it, own it, don't guilt about don't feel guilty about it, don't dread it, you had it, you loved it, you enjoyed it, have fun with it and just own it. I wanted to have that round. if somebody was hey brownie was so awesome somebody made it awesome brownie. I'm so grateful for this brownie. I'm so grateful for that person who made that brownie. so you're sending a lot of loving energy to this to. this brownie that you had consumed instead of feeling guilty about it.  I shouldn't be having that brownie and I still had it. so you took an action and you are regretting that action. regret is a fearful energy and you're consuming fear. you're consuming regret along with that brownie. so always own your decision, never be scared of the food that you're consuming and always bless your food before eating.

Step 3.  To Love Your Body.

You want to lose weight. you want to lose 10 kilos, maybe you don't like your fat arms. you don't like your fat thighs. whatever it is you still have to love your body. you want to get rid of 10 kilos during this process. you have to love yourself. you have to love your body. this is a very weird exercise. but this is a very powerful exercise. so hear it out. I encourage you to be alone in your room lock yourself up stand in front of the mirror and see yourself, face, your body completely and send love from head to toe look at each body part, that you hate your love accept it in totality and send a lot of loving to your body. tell yourself I love you and I thank you for this experience on this earth. I thank you for this body and I'm really sorry for abusing you through my thoughts. I'm sorry for not taking care of you. I'm sorry for hitting you with my thoughts. please accept my apology and please forgive me and I love you so so so very much. I'm so thankful to you. this is how you develop a loving relationship with your body and you're not fighting against your weight and you will see that, when you stick to these three steps the weight loss journey will be fun and will be fun thing a fun journey and in no time, you will have the desired image, the desired body weight that you have been longing for and it will be a fun journey. so these are the three Law of Attraction steps for weight loss. step one is to be clear about your desired weigh.t step two is to bless your food and step three is to love your body.

I'm very sure, if you apply these three steps, you'll get wonderful results. you'll have a wonderful weight loss journey.

Thank You Thank You Thank You ❤️.

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