How to Make Rest of Life, Best Your Life, Top best Tips to Make Rest of Life 2020.

How to Make Rest of Life, Best Your Life, Top best Tips to Make Rest of Life 2020.

How to Make Rest of Life, Best Your Life, Top best Tips to Make Rest of Life 2020.

How to Make Rest of Life, Best Your Life, Top best Tips to Make Rest of Life 2020.

Today I wanted to talk to you about how to make the rest of your life. the best of your life. are you ready for it awesome. so if you want to decide that, the rest of my life. I'm gonna be successful you know, what you can, if you decide today that I want to be more healthy. guess, what you absolutely can if you decide that, I want to have a more loving relationship. I want to attract more love into my life again. nothing can stop you, nobody can stop you. you can and it's only a matter of making that choice, making that decision, having said that. I'm gonna tell you three steps that you need to keep in mind in order to make the rest of your life. the best of your life awesome.

so step number one is the intention. so like all things related to Law of Attraction. you absolutely need to set that intention put it out into the universe that, this is what I want that, I am going to take control of my life and from today. the rest of my life is gonna be the best of my life, best of health, best of wealth, best of abundance in every aspect of my life. so it's all about a matter of setting intention. because most often than not what do, we do most people, they always focus on what the problem is, I don't have enough money. my health is not good, I hate my job, I'm just annoyed with the situation. we always focus on what's not working, what's not good, what we don't want, but now, I am telling you to set the intention on the things that you actually want things, that you want to attract into your life. that's where your attention is going to go and that's where you're gonna set the intention, so forget about all the things that are not working. maybe things are really not going according to your wish. but from today you are going to set that intention. you are going to take control claim it. that this is mine, this reality is mine. so you need to really put that intention out into the universe and decide and take control.

second step number two is attention what are, we paying our tension towards, what are the thoughts that are coming into our minds. that are creating our reality. because as you know our reality is a result of our thoughts everything, that we have around us. our reality is because of the thoughts, we've had in the past the what are the thought patterns that are responsible for the reality. that you have today think about that become  are there any limiting beliefs that you have in your mind. that are contributing to things getting worse or things not going the way, you want. but the reality is that you have a lot of debt or you are stuck in a low-paying job, ask yourself what are my limiting beliefs. what is my relationship with money. how do I view success, ask yourself all those questions to really analyze, where your intention is what are you consciously thinking about and what I are subconscious thoughts. because you need to take control of both of them. your conscious thoughts as well as your subconscious mind. because both of them together are going to create the reality. that you want the reality of success. the reality of a lot of money, reality of lot of love in your life. whatever it is so be very aware of these thoughts.

 what are those childhood programming's that are affecting your mind. things that your parents said, thinks that your teacher said, thinks that your friends said, your experiences things that society has really molded you to become and think you need to be aware of those things and work on removing those limiting beliefs. because those beliefs are only limiting you. they are not letting you progress. they're not letting you live that happy abundant life. that prosperous life, that you're dreaming of that you deserve. so it is your duty, it is your responsibility that you remove these negative thoughts by first becoming aware of them and then working towards eliminating them. because once you get rid of these limiting beliefs. you can replace them with more empowering and uplifting beliefs, that'll help you reach your goal much quicker. because when something is not holding you back, you are free to run, you're free to run towards your goal and achieve all that success that you truly truly deserve. so it is your you owe it to yourself to work on your inner self, on your subconscious mind and access those limiting beliefs and just destroy them.

step number three very important is action now. I see a lot of motivational speakers where you know people talk about Law of Attraction and just you know think about it and it's going to come to you. but you also need to know that action is equally important. the universe wants action, universe does not want just stagnant behavior. you can't just sit on your couch and say okay this is my wish bring it to me. universe wants to see your effort. because as we know for every effort that you put in. you're going to see rewards. so if you gonna put in minimal effort. you're gonna see minimal rewards. if you put in a lot of effort, definitely the universe is going to reward you. so you need to make sure that you are doing things from your side. everything that needs to be done. you are doing and your contribute towards it and that's when the universe will realize that this person has the right intention there. this person has the right mindset and this person is taking the right actions and that's why this person deserves success. so if you're. if you want to be successful. 

say getting a new job then it is your duty to remove those negative thoughts that are not good enough was gonna hire me and replace them with more empowering thoughts and also take action. which means working on your resume, networking with the right people, preparing your cover letter, applying for jobs and all those kinds of things. maybe even you know, taking up courses to up to upskill yourself. all of that counts as inspired action. because all those actions are towards your initial intention. that you've set and they have overcome those limiting beliefs and you're working towards them. so always always remember that there is nothing that you can get for free. you need to put in that effort and when you're working towards something that you are really passionate about. it's not gonna feel like work, if you're working a job that you really hate then, obviously it's gonna feel like oh my god, I have to do this, but when you're working towards, building your future, building towards your success, you're going to be happy, you're gonna be excited. because you know that when you put on that effort, you are gonna see results.

so I hope this has really inspired you and given you some clarity on how to make the rest of your life. the best of your life be very aware of your intentions be, aware of your limiting beliefs and be completely passionate about your actions. inspired actions that you need to take in order to reach that success. that I am very sure that all of you are going to get.

Thank You Thank You Thank You ❤️❤️.

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