Power of Gratitude, Gratitude change your life, Be Gratitude for Everything, Law of Attraction 2020.

Power of Gratitude, Gratitude change your life, Be Gratitude for Everything, Law of Attraction 2020.

Power of Gratitude, Gratitude change your life, Be Gratitude for Everything, Law of Attraction 2020.

you know if you keep telling you know and actually like I would tell you something that I was talking about your attitude with one of one of my client and the person said and I sent it. what are you actually grateful for and the person was not in a very happy state and the person said I really don't know and I asked a very simple question that aren't you just grateful. that you are alive today. you know you're alive. you're breathing, you are experiencing the world. it's a very simple thing right being a life. most of us don't even realize the importance of it. because it's very normal, we have to be alive, you're waking up every single day. it's fine. but understand during this situation of covered. you know where so many people are losing their life. you are actually blessed to be waking up every single morning and getting the chance to live your life again and making a difference and creating the life that you want every single day. God is giving you that opportunity or the universe is bringing you the opportunity to change your life to live a life. that is the most precious thing is to be grateful for the very fact, that you are alive. 

so you know it's a very simple exercise. it's a very simple technique. the moment you wake up every single day, I call something as a gratitude journal. that I maintain and write down five things not more than. that just think about five things, that you are just grateful for in the morning. it can be a very simple thing like I'm a life, I have roof over my head, I have a job which pays all my bills. I have a family, I have a pet, I have things to engage myself it. it could be anything but when you start, you know thinking about the smallest and this my new test you know detail of thing that you have in your life. and it starts attracting similar things in your life. because you know I always say that law of attraction is nothing but your thought process. so whatever you are thinking or whatever you are focusing your energy on is actually, what you are bringing into life. I'm bringing into existence so when you emit a positive gratitude, a grateful thought you are actually attracting similar events into your life. so every day in the morning, if you are thinking about five things that you have been grateful for that, you are creating that vibration within to you. which is actually being set out to the universe and the universe is going to keep on attracting such positive and good events into your life every single day.

 I know we all do not have the same kind of days. we have sometimes a very good day and sometimes we have a very bad day. we people sometime term as a like if we had a very bad day, but trust me there's nothing called good and bad. this all are these things are all depending upon only your perception. the way you look at anything, you know you can have one incident or two incident in your day. which may not have been turned out the way that you expected it to be. but trust me there are ten other things during that day. which would have had a positive impact which you wouldn't have even noticed.

because your seeing crossed in thinking about the negative event. so every single day start your day with the vibration from being positive of being grateful for, no matter how small the thing is it doesn't matter, if it's happening to you and if it's important for you, be thankful for it and just before you go to bed think about five things again or list five things down. which has happened throughout the day and which you are grateful for, so when you try finding out five new things every single Day. you know you will see, when you get into that habit of you know thinking about only the good thing's that are happening. you will see that you have exceeded the five and you don't run, you can just go on writing the good things. that are happening to you every single day. so gratitude actually has the power to instantly change your mood from being into the negative zone to a very positive and happy being and when you are vibrating that kind of a you know energy to the universe saying that I'm grateful and I'm thankful despite or whatever the situation is it will change and it will start attracting the more positive and more such events into your life. 

so being grateful is one of the key to manifestation, everything might go wrong in this situation. but understand this is just a moment and the moment always goes away. so your next moment would again depend upon what are your thought processes, what are your feelings and that is going to keep attracting similar kinds of movements into your life. so if you want to change one particular moment, you have to start with that very moment, you have to change that particular moment thought and put out the vibration get into that positive zone of being happy of being thankful to the universe and praying that everything is going to be fine.

I hope all of you can stay safe during this time and be grateful that you have a roof, you are safe, you're alive be grateful for everything, that you have at this moment your family, your friends, your pet, your job, every single thing and trust me, gradually the situation does change.

Thank You🙏Thank You🙏Thank You🙏

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