What is Law of Attraction, Process of Law of Attraction, Law of Attraction 2020.

What is Law of Attraction, Process of Law of Attraction, How work of Law of Attraction, How to Ask to the universe Law of Attraction 2020.

What is Law of Attraction, Process of Law of Attraction, How work of Law of Attraction, How to Ask to the universe Law of Attraction 2020.

today  I would be explaining about the steps through which the manifestation process happens. so law of attraction is nothing, but the power of your thoughts. it is said that if you see it in your mind. you're going to hold it in your hand. so if you ever take a step back and try to recollect you will realize your life. it has actually been the manifestation of your every thought process whatever it is that, we were focused on till date is something which has come to reality. you know so for instance if you have been constantly thinking about I do not want this, I do not want this, I do not want this. but that is what actually will show up in your life. it's because the law of attraction of the universe does not recognize or you know does not realize the difference between what you want and what you do not want. it is only responding to your thoughts. the way you are thinking, the way of feeling about it. when you are thinking about that thought, it's just responding to that and it will bring your similar situations and experience in reality. 

so you know to simplify say for instance  I have known many people who always you know focus on the thing that you know. if I do not get this job my life is going to just. what if I went and gave the interview, but  what if I do not get it so all these thoughts is do not get it. yes is this or you know it's a company by feel you are so scared that you are emitting that negativity out to the universe. the constant thought about what if I do not get it,  it's completely contradictory to the fact that you really want to manifest the job. so if it doesn't happen in your life, do not be surprised because that is what you have been asking for instead just try to flip that side of your thought process and think for a moment that Wow how amazing will it be. if I actually manifest that job. that I want how beautiful will that will that be. if I actually manifest that relationship how would I feel if that actually came to me. so just set back close your eyes, go into that moment of feeling the joy from within, feeling that excitement that you already have it with you, that it has already happened. 

we have already got that job who have already manifested that vacation probably or you already are in that relationship with your with your amazing partner. just imagine all those thought and just go into that feeling of feeling good. when you are emitting out those kind of frequency, the universe will start responding to those kind of frequencies for you. so then the universe is gonna send you similar things are the exact things. which is going to come up or match up to your vibrations. so the universe is always and always responding to your thought process. please please please keep it in mind. if you ever realize this I can bet you will never think a single negative thought ever in your life. so just keep it in your mind, that the universe is always always responding to the way, you are thinking and it is the intensity of your thought which completely determines that how fast something would manifest into your life. I have seen people who have manifested things overnight. it's just because of that amazing power of the thought process. they do not let anything which is contrary to the feeling or belief or of whatever they want in their life. they do not let that anything else. just enter them so their beliefs, their thought process is so strong that, exactly that what is manifested to them.

so the three steps as I talked about.

➡️  Ask.

ask have the first and the foremost confidence to ask the universe for what ever it is that you want in your life. because there is absolutely abandoned in the universe and I really mean abandons in the universe and it's all kept there and you can have everything that you want. so have the confidence to ask from the universe and this is what I want. set that standard 10 the universe, this is what I want in my life.

➡️ Belief

the second process is belief. that it is already feel that moment. believe that it is already yours. this was written for you. this was your, you were probably made for this. this has to come to you, there is you know that kind of belief that it is said that believe in something so much. that it has no option. but to manifest in your life. so go out there give your 100% of belief that whatever I'm asking for it's going to come into my life and do not let anybody or anything contradict that belief of yours, do not let people tell you that what you can have and what you cannot have because either they are those people, who have never tried it in their life or they have tried it and they have failed and they have taken their failure as their destiny and they have never tried it again. so please do not believe anything which is other than what you want to manifest.

➡️ Receive.

the third is receive so when you have the power, then you have the confidence to ask from the universe. what you want and when you go after it with the belief of without limiting yourself. it will come to you and you will receive it now.

➡️ Letting Go.

there is a fourth step which is the most important part of a manifestation process and that is letting go. so what do I mean when I say it means when I'm thinking about something that, I want, I have asked from the universe, this is what I want, I have complete belief that it is mine and it is gonna be delivered to me. so I've done the first and the second step and there comes before I receive it. the third step or I would say a substance which is I let it out to the universe. I let out my belief saying that this is what I want. I believe it's mine not just I'm letting it out to you. give it to me deliver it. because the moment you start thinking about something which I mean thinking about though what your manifestation is you are somewhere creating the doubt now. imagine a situation you wanted to probably go and buy something right. so would you completely continuously keep thinking about it. so if it's like a small thing, if it is you want to go and buy a pen. but you complete continuously keep thinking about it. oh I need to go and buy a pen. what I need to go and buy a pen. no you know you need to go and buy a pen you will go and buy it. you do not spend time thinking about it. so you go and just you get a pen. it's the same thing do not spend time thinking about it. because when you are thinking about something. you are creating doubt within yourself. you're doubting the universe that whether it will be delivered to you or not and the moment you start. you do you hold back to it. not even start you hold back to that feeling or that belief manifestations process becomes slow.

so let go of your desires to the universe and have the faith that it is going to deliver to you. do not let any feeling or any thought which is contradictory to what you want. let or enter your mind.

Thank You🙏Thank You🙏Thank You🙏

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