How to Get Rid of Fear, Doubt, Manifest Your Desire, Goals, Manifest anything in Your Life. 2020.

How to Get Rid of Fear, Doubt, Manifest Your Desire, Goals, Manifest anything in Your Life. 2020.

How to Get Rid of Fear, Doubt, Manifest Your Desire, Goals, Manifest anything in Your Life. 2020.

How to Get Rid of Fear, Doubt, Manifest Your Desire, Goals, Manifest anything in Your Life. 2020.

today's I want to Talk about you know again it's a request from a lot of you that know you guys are trying to manifest. your manifestation whatever your desires that may be. but how to get rid of negativity or fear of you know that, your manifestation may not come to you or basically how to get rid of any negative thoughts or any kind of fear that, crops up during that time. when you're trying to manifest anything in your life. so let me tell you something as I've always said that feelings are basically the key to your manifestation. feelings always tell you that what direction what are the thought processes, that are going on in your mind or how are you feeling at that moment about your manifestation. everything is determined by the fact, how you are feeling right. so I understand when you know sometimes, we are trying to manifest and there can be a feeling of negativity. you might go into that negative zone or it might have some kind of doubts. you might have some kind of fear and it's very natural okay. do not get tensed, do not get worried, do not get you know worked up. when you have these kinds of feeling and do not start thinking.

 oh my god I'm having negative towards, oh my god am I'm having this for fear, what will happen to my manifestation, do not think or panic in those situations is the first suggestion. because it's very natural to have doubt. it's very natural to have fear. it's very natural to have negative thoughts. sometimes right as I always keep telling you guys. we are human being and as human being, we are bound to experience every kind of emotions right now. there is a way as I always say to deal with those emotions.

so the first step is do not panic. when you realize that you are having negative thoughts or when you are having fear or when you are having doubt do not panic. because what happens is if you're, if you start panicking. you're actually again giving more energy to that negativity, to that fear, to that worry to the doubt, which is coming up right. so what we have to do in that situation is, we have to turn that doubt, that negativity, that worry into the positive aspect. so if we start panicking. if you start you know. if you start worrying that oh my god, I'm having these kind of thoughts. you are what you're doing is only giving more fool or fuel or you know you are giving more energies to those kind of thoughts. so the first thing is do not panic.

the Second thing is if you're having those kinds of thoughts, doubts you know fear anxiety about your manifestation. acknowledge it. when I said knowledge, it accept, it say to your mind say to your brain. it's okay fine I know you're feeling that way. but then try to understand. why are you feeling that way it might be. you know there I'll give you a few examples say for instance, if you are trying to manifest a specific person or mind, trying to manifest a relationship or you're trying to manifest a job. you're trying to manifest something and you get sudden negative thoughts or negative feelings about it now. I'll tell you why. those comes negative feeling comes. when we are somewhere focusing on the past experiences. that we have had regarding the similar thing. so as I always keep telling you, you know that's the reason you need to first heal yourself from all the past experiences. so that you can let it go. let go of all the negativity that has happened and it's actually starting up, something which is very new. which is fresh. so there is no place for negativity. so the first thing is acknowledge. acknowledge the way you're feeling right. so if you're feeling negative. find out that what is it that is causing. causing the negativity, understand that aspect. 

when you try calming down yourselves and try listening to you. know your inner voice that will tell you that, probably you had experienced something similar in the previous in your past relationship or you know your current job or your previous job, may not have had given you a very good experience or your specific person. if you are trying to manifest the things may not have ended in a very good tone. so all those things may be the reason that you get the negative feeling. so the first thing is acknowledge those negative feelings and then say that I forgive or I let go of whatever has happened and heal that part of you as I've always said, self feeling is the key. so heal that part of yourself and let that thing go. those moment you are getting negative, feeling acknowledge it. understand where it is coming from and I'm telling you in the moment to understand, where it is coming from you will be able to find a solution to it and when you have a solution to the problem. it's not a problem anymore right. so do that similarly.

 if you're having film you know that or if you're having doubt, I do you are too much focused on the timeline that, I have done my manifestation or somewhere again your negative previous experiences are coming into the picture. so the best way to deal with fear or deal with doubters will start living in the moment. okay and start practicing as I always say start practicing gratitude. you know when you practice gratitude. when you focus on everything that you have at this moment with you. when you start thanking the universe, thanking God for everything that you have that. thank you God I have a job in this coronavirus situation. thank you God that I get a paycheck every my end of month, which are playing paying my bills. I have a roof on top of my head, I get the food that I eat. I can do whatever it may be, I am waking up every single day. I am getting to do this is. this just keep listing and keep thanking God for everything that has happened. okay so you will see that the fear in the doubt goes away. when you start practicing gratitude and when you start letting go of the past. 

so the only thing to do is just start living in the present. let go of whatever has happened. if you are not, you know fear and doubt only comes. when you are living either in the future too much or in the past too much. you are not living for the present moment. when you're too much worried about what might happen. that is something which does not even happen. you're worrying about it as I always say, the thoughts that you focus on are actually experiences, that you in your life. so if you're too much worrying about what might happen in the future. you are actually creating that doubt in the near future. which has not even happened. you are manifesting that so start living in the present moment and the best way to live in the present moment is to only do everything that is making you happier, that makes you happy. if you want to try a new dish. if you want to learn a new language. if you want to practice dance. if you want to practice singing. whatever that might be start painting pick up a hobby, pick up read her amazing nice book, do everything that you need to do to live in this present moment. okay. stop worrying about what is going to happen or stop thinking about what has already happened.

 so the only way to deal with these situations are that let go of the past, heal yourself and start living in the present. that is you already know your manifestation is there. it's going to come to you. it is yours and have that faith have that belief and you will see all the doubts and all the fear will automatically gradually go away, right. so do not panic, absolutely accept or acknowledge whatever you're feeling.

third step is start working on yourself or living in the moment. right, so these are the only three steps that you can take and I'm sure if you try these three steps. everything is gonna walk perfectly fine.

Thank You Thank You Thank You ❤️❤️😊.

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