Easy Remedies for Glowing skin, How to Become Beautiful, Healthy Skin, Pure Beauty Skin 2020

Easy Remedies for Glowing skin, How to Become Beautiful, Healthy Skin, Pure Beauty Skin 2020

Easy Remedies for Glowing skin, How to Become Beautiful, Healthy Skin, Pure Beauty Skin 2020

Easy Remedies for Glowing skin, How to Become Beautiful, Healthy Skin, Pure Beauty Skin 2020

well beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but unfortunately, people think that beauty is something very external body of ours. It is more of an external appearance in yoga. We always say that your body should look really beautiful but the external body will be beautiful only if you are internal self is beautiful. When the person is positive and joyful from inside looking forward in life and to Z as taking in life, helping others in life his inner self automatically radiates externally, it looks automatically beautiful. Well, nature always gives you a helping hand with beautiful natural products. That would bring It Glow. Highlighting the skin face very well. Why do we need some other external products which are not natural.? All you need is a naturally healthy skin a glow and here yoga comes to our rescue. Now a question arises why I don't have clear skin. 

Well, there are many reasons. Let's analyze.

➡️ first stressful and unprofessional. Unhealthy lifestyle smoking alcohol and unhealthy food choices. One is turmeric very very healthy antibiotic. It is very healthy to keep skin free from infections. It is very healthy to see that skilled is soft gentle and glowing terms. Is something which we should use very regularly as it should be used to each also in the stomach also, so turmeric internally and externally both ways. It would help us very much. 

second ingredient is Basin that is gram flour. It has very good quality. the third ingredient is rosewater. So now what we have to do just fix both these ingredients Basin and little turmeric make a thick paste out of that apply that on your face and leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it out with warm water. 

The second natural ingredient is rice flour and Sandalwood. Now rice flour is very very coarse doesn't become absolutely fine powder. And so it really helps it removing the dead cells from our skin Sandalwood helps in managing the UV damaged skin. In and it really that brightens the skin. Well so mix these ingredients that is right flower Sandalwood powder and rose water mix it make a nice paste out of it and then massage on your face. Understand one thing whatever you are doing just enjoy everything you are massaging you are relaxing. These are very relaxing activities. And so that relaxed State of Mind joy, that would really help skin to Glow much much more well for the health of skin, I would straightaway recommend. Do a service which you should do every day one is mutsy Assassin. When you do maxius on the face is toned the circulation goes up to the surface level of your face and it makes your face definitely brighter better and toned up the external fat is released is taken care of. Saranga son is a posture which really increases the circulation on your head shoulder neck all this region and it really helps in relaxation of the muscles which are Antigravity muscles. And so it helps in Tony City in circulation as well as in relaxation. And so these to us and should be done regularly along with these two asada's kapalbhati. 

That is a kriya hygienic kriya. That should be done very regularly because kapalbhati word by itself means Barton in shining cleaning and so in kapalbhati, the toxins are removed from the system. You're breathing passage nasal passage becomes absolutely healthy you breathe better more oxygenation into your body and that really directly affects the facial shine. Well some other techniques which have proven Beyond doubt for the facial Health facial skin one is a new low below pranayama here. You are seeing to it that both the nostrils they function so well that you really increase the volume of your breath and so oxygen more into your system. Another thing would be a couple hundred ha T where you are massaging your forehead. You are massaging your cheeks Garner Andhra around your ear, neck. The tension tightness goes away the worry because of worry we continuously frown That habit goes away and person is really smiling and radiated 0and then finally from within you have to radiate isn't it and what helps meditation meditation really helps to see that you are glowing internally. See that the faith in higher reality grows and that really helps to bring Radiance on your face. When you develop Beauty from within that's kids still become more beautiful still glows. Never put yourself down and I'm dark and I'm not fair. This thinking is wrong every color beautiful. Everything is wonderful. So bring that and that would reflect on your face and you will be glowing.


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