Best Habit for 2021, Top Best Habit for Success in 2021, 5 Best Habit for 2021

Best Habit for 2021, Top Best Habit for Success in 2021, 5 Best Habit for 2021

Best Habit for 2021, Top Best Habit for Success in 2021, 5 Best Habit for 2021

Best Habit for 2021, Top Best Habit for Success in 2021, 5 Best Habit for 2021

Today i'm going to speak about five beautiful habits that you can start implementing in your life by 2021. now this was something i just thought when i was writing what should be my 2021 look like now. so many people say that in new year we write a lot, we plan a lot but nothing works or nothing happens for the people now that may be the case of 90 percentage of people. but there is 10 percentage of people who will directly implement that in your life. so i take new year or you know the time of december to be a time of self evaluation to understand what we did. because that's again a new start right. so we can actually understand what did i do this year. what am i supposed to do next year, what should i plan how should i grow, how should i self evaluate and make a difference for 2021. so little things that i'm going to implement in my life.

let me just share with you and if you do it you're going to have a much beautiful 2021 as you all know 2020 was a very difficult year for all of us. but in 2020 i have learned certain things i was able to become mentally really strong. practice certain things which helped me to grow and evolve so let me share with you those things and the points that i'm going to implement in my life for 2021.

➡️ The first thing is to practice gratitude as an attitude. because you know we are we have faced code and a lot of problems, people have become really negative so problems come to me like everyone else but i when i started practicing gratitude and as my attitude i was able to get out of the problems much easier much faster, because i always had a prostitute attitude towards life. positive attitude towards life  so when i'm in a very difficult situation or things did not happen the way i  planned i just close my eyes when i become sad i just say okay okay okay you're alive, you can just do it okay. if this doesn't happen also there must be a reason let's focus on something beautiful. so i keep reminding myself as life is beautiful and be grateful. so when i practice that i was able to get out of the problem much easily and go forward.

➡️ Second thing is live a meaningful life. just you know have a conscious thought what are you doing in your life. you are working paying your bills stressed out thinking about the future, tensed are you living a meaningful life just keep reminding yourself to live consciously. you know it doesn't matter you're sad, you're going through a problem, you have a lot of problems, but am i living a meaningful life when i get through this problem do i have a purpose in my life just think about it now. one fine morning you can't sit and write your whole life purpose it comes in an uh evolution it just comes evolves and come uh to your life. so but for the people who are thinking about you know living a meaningful life these things come much easily.

➡️ Third thing is take care of your health mental health and physical health. do one small tiny habit if you're 2021 that can increase your  health consciousness like drinking water in every one hour it doesn't matter one glass of one sip whatever it is keep it. a habit that i'm going to drink water in every one hour and be consciously hold a bottle and walk together so you are hydrated. you become much healthier second is  to think about you know  healthy so every once i am going to start working out by  you know 2021 first day january if you want to start working out. i say start  today you know 25th of december  2020 if you're planning all those plans should start from today not from first. so  you know start working out just for at least 10 minutes i'm going to move my body at least. if you're not able to go outside you know when you're watching tv just stand up sit down, stand up sit down and keep moving your body that is going to help you to become much healthier at least that much okay the people who are not moving at all at least that much please try to bring in your life.

➡️ Number Fourth i am going to grow i am going to learn now, i am going to grow emotionally, mentally, physically and everything so what am i going to learn why next year so am i learning something so people say studying and learning is like you know when you're left to college it's all over no no no no no whatever age you are, maybe you are in fifth or you are 50s it's okay. keep learning, keep growing what did i learn this year what am i going to learn next year what difference i'm going to make in my life by next year. keep learning that can be through reading, watching videos learning from e-learning it's all available. so you know make maximum useful of your life, bring something amazing in your life. so when you learn and grow and do something it's going to be amazing.

➡️ Fifth thing which i'm going to do is focus on one thing and make it happen for 2021. focus on one beautiful thing so as i was a multitasker and i'm trying to do a lot of things. yes most of the things happen but i was not able to do in the best perfection that i have realized so for 2021 i'm going to focus on one target and i'm going to work 100 percentage on that target only. i'm not going to focus on my drawing, i'm not going to focus on anything else, but only on one specific topic. so whatever it is for in your life, focus on one thing i am going to accomplish in 2021 and keep a beautiful target task and then the time span when you are going to accomplish it and grow it'.


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